What is Knack?

Knack (as in, one has a knack for something) is an initiative of Potluck Café Society. Knack is the only employment program in Vancouver using digital badges to showcase employment related skill sets. For employers, Knack is a hiring strategy to achieve community impact through inclusive employment. For people facing barriers to employment, Knack is a clear path to meaningful work through skills-based training.

Our Goal

With this program, we aim to increase the opportunities for impact hiring through local businesses by acknowledging the diverse range of skills and knowledge of the residents of the DTES who experience barriers to traditional employment.

2018 Knack Update

  •  See our January 31, 2018 post HERE

What are Digital Badges?

Badges are digital tokens displayed on an online platform. Similar to a Boy Scouts badge, these digital badges signify accomplishments such as completion of a project, mastery of a skill, or marks of experience. The badges will be awarded to Knack earners by an authorized organization or institution (eg. Potluck Café Society, Carnegie Community Centre, etc.) These ‘micro-credentials’ are a fundamental change in the way society recognizes learning and achievement—shifting from a traditional books-and-lecture to a model with multiple knowledge streams.



Still wondering about badges?  View this Video to learn more!

Video from the MacArthur Foundation


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